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Pocamarket FAQ: Product

We offer both app and web! Use any browser you like! (e.g. Safari, Chrome) Website:

Q1. Where can I view my wishlist?

To view the POCA items you liked, please go to the bottom of the app, tap on [Search], and then click on the [Heart icon] at the top right.

Q2. How do I change the language on Pocamarket?

We currently only support English on the Pocamarket global version, so it is not possible to change to other languages.
We will do our best to support other languages as soon as possible.

Q3. How do I change the currency on Pocamarket?

Pocamarket only supports transactions in USD. If your credit card company uses your country's currency, you can still pay with it.
We do not support transactions in KRW or other currencies in the global version.

Q4. Do you have an app?

Yes! We support Android and iOS app.

Q5. Do you have a website?

Yes! We offer both app and web! It's accessible on any device, mobile, PC, tablet using any internet browser you prefer, whether Safari, Chrome, or any other!

Q6. What are your hours for customer support?

For inquiries about products and delivery, please contact us via chat support for quick assistance. You can also reach us by email at Our hours are 9am-6pm (KST).